The Emergency Department (ED) of Careggi University Hospital has a long story of bridging education, research and clinical practice in acute medicine. It has been a reference center for national and international students and residents both of medical and nursing schools for many years now. Our clinical research unit has conducted several studies, along with other national and international centers, which resulted in publications in some of the most important Medical Journals (European Heart Journal, Circulation, Chest, Annals Emergency Medicine, etc).

The ED of Florence is one of the largest centers in Europe, as it admits approximately 130.000 adult patients every year. It is the regional referral trauma center for Central Italy, as well as the regional hub for acute stroke, acute coronary and aortic syndromes and ECMO. There are an average of 100 beds, which comprise beds in the shock room, the intensive care area with possibility of invasive monitoring and mechanical ventilation, in the urgent care area and in the short stay/admission unit.

Our mission, as a team of knowledgeable physicians and nurses, is to offer the best diagnostic reliability, as well as broad support to the patients suffering from medical conditions. This means that our staff is constantly engaged in providing assistance clinically as much as humanly and emotionally. The city of Florence, where we are based, provides a clear example of what we are determined to accomplish in our work daily. As a matter of fact, we are so constantly inspired by the past brilliant geniuses who prospered here in the cradle of the Renaissance and who propelled such an artistic and technological revolution, that our team is always up-to-date with the latest available medical knowledge and procedures.  Accordingly, we are continuously looking forward to learning and using the most recent achievements in clinical practices.